Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day! 2011

My Beautiful Children growing up....

Happy Mother's Day!!

Blessings to all my moms...The one that gave me birth, and protected me, and had my back no matter what bad decisions I chose, picked me up, brushed me off, and made me get back on that horse. (life) This one continues to show great fearlessness, strength, and a deep faith, as well as being the bar that I will always aspire to meet.

To all my moms in my family, the ones who's genes I share, for making me proud to be a Miller... and to carry on the legacy of this name.

To my moms who travel with me the journey of raising a child with different abilities. The ones whom I can share EVERY detail of life with, and not be embarrassed, pitied, gossipped about, or ridiculed. The ones who come right back and tell me how THEY dealt with the same thing I'm dealing with. You are all amazing and loved beyond the ability of my little heart. You are my sisters.

To my moms who teach and care for my youngest every day of the school year, and who love her as their own. I would have never allowed her to enter public school life, without knowing you were there. Special blessings for one particular mom and teacher, who's own health has forced her to put her livelihood on temporary hold. We pray for your speedy healing and return, school, as life is just not as sparkely without you in it.

Blessings to the women that love our sons... deliver to us little pieces of our own selves...and make us proud to add the title of GRANDmom to our repertoire. Just when you think your heart can't possibly love, or be more proud of the children God has blessed you with...grandbabies come and blow that theory to smithereens.

To my moms who have paid the ultimate price for loving a child with your whole soul....I cannot begin to tell you how much I admire how your courage, how you continue to parent the child that has past and make sure that their memory lives on. Special Blessings to you on showing me that a mother's love extends not only across land measurable on earth, but all the way to Heaven.

I feel so enormously Blessed, to have all of you in my life and pray that the Heavenly Father holds you all in His Heart, especially on this day.

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