Saturday, January 15, 2011

today? the blog is about sisterhood.

I have an online bud, Dawn, who has a very populular, humorous blog...the Erma Bombeck of our generation, that has spun off to 2 books! WTG DAWN!

She started with telling us how she ebayed off a set of pokemon cards one of the kids had snuck into the groceries, despite being told "no" ...that was years ago. She has 6 kids, and much like Renee, her blogs are witty and hysterical, but still reflect the goings on in a house full of kids!

So, last year, Dawn's hubby up and leaves...and with that act, leaves a path of destruction....we know about it, but still she continues on, writing and making us laugh. We know she's going thru the BS all of us that have been left holding the 'divorce' bag have gone thru...but she maintains her humor. ....until last month. Ex-Hubby got fired, there is no insurance, there is no child support, and he really just doesn't care.

So, she came to her blog, informed her decade of loyal readers of the circumstance, aplogised to us for hanging it up, but she had to focus on something that would make money. The blog did not do that.

Last week? her publicist hijacked the blogsite. She couldn't sit by any longer and watch as Dawn struggled so hard. She asked that we 1) pray 2) buy the books or 3) contribute via paypal.

this morning i am pleased to see the contributions nearing 12 grand. Am anxious to go see on the NY Times best seller where the books are, and WAS a little ticked that a NY Times blogger opted to use Dawn's story as some sort of voo-doo mommy bloggers jinx headline....but even that is giving more attention to the situation, so I'm trying to bite my tongue on that one.

The link to the paypal giving is up top on this blog....I am donating this update to Dawn, because someone (or two) gave us a hand when we were down. I know the kids will be fine if she can keep up with the medical expenses, and i don't want her worrying herself sick in the meantime.

so if you can...Pray....go buy her books....or donate ....because girls....we need to stick together. If we did a better job of it? we would be running the country.


go to and punch in her name: Dawn Meehan, and her two books will pop up.

And if i haven't said it enough....Thank you...and SAHMs ROCK!

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