Friday, June 20, 2008

She just keeps on growing!!

Our cop-bud Jeff, works in this week, amidst all the joy I am celebrating in my life, we stop to remember the devastation that has hit the Midwest this past week or so.

The tornado that hit the boyscout camp....



Our prayers are will all of you reading this, that live in these areas. More Pictures available from Cedar Rapids at

In contrast, our week has been a quiet one...back to work, and back to summer school, our hearts are in Spg with baby bree. She's topped out at 7 lbs, and although small on the growth chart (to be expected with the early entrance) she is extremely hale and healthy!

My nephew Justin, in Nebraska and his wife had a new baby boy, April 25th WELCOME WYATT!!

My Nephew Eric, and his wife Sara (she's in my top ten) ALSO had a new baby boy yesterday! WELCOME GAGE!! I'm looking forward to a Colorado family reunion time, when we can get all these new cousins together!!

We are one work week (3 work-days to be accurate) until vacation time!! My mom and dad will be traveling down from Nebraska to visit and see the new baby bree, and we're hoping shauna, who gets back from Europe tomorrow, gets to arrange her schedule to be here also! I would love to get pics of all my kids together, as well as 3 generations of Miller's in one shot! Keep your fingers crossed that the coordinating of schedules happens!

Molly has again just blown me away with her growing! I bought little 4th of July tee shirts for her this week, that were TOO SMALL!! She was a 7-8 last week, and this week? She's an 8-10! It really sux that Dora is hard to find at that size....but not spongebob clothes! She has a few Hannah things, but is not really impressed with that current craze, thank Heavens.

She takes her lunch to school, 2 of 4 days...and wednesday morning when i told her we needed to fix her lunch, she grabbed her thermos bag, went to the fridge and started unloading everything out of it......methodically and precisely, everything from the front of the fridge was removed and placed on the cabinet under the "peeking around the corner" eyes of me and the sarge.

Finally, she pulled a small jar of pickles from wayyyyyyy outta the back, and promptly put the whole jar in her lunchbox, and zipped it up!! What a kid! Yea, there was a mess to clean up, as usual, after one of her bright ideas...but we just pick up with a smile. She's too cute and we are pleased that even though she still doesn't speak many words...her comprehension of what goes on daily, and what has to happen next chronologically always leaves us smiling.

She has let the dogs out for a run in the woods twice, this week and you can be sure that after the short-lived panic of not seeing your baby, and losing about $1500.00 worth of puppies...the front door is latched, and the back gate has been secured with those big, plastic ties, usually saved back as an extra set of handcuffs! She must have a little Hoodini in her!

Bill was home for the week, last week...and I'm sure the current interest in her leaving for long walks in the woods stems from the utter BOREDOM of being home without him or angela! Poor Angela who got beat up all week...right after molly went to see Kung Fu Panda!! It was really bad when they all got strapped into the back of the Tahoe, on one of our many commutes to Springfield!


Check out what the boy's call her "snaggle tooth" She has one of the secondary's growing in behind her primary...making for one big front tooth! EEK!! DDS says hold will work itself out eventually!

I'm home for a long has 'other' family coming to visit (as IF!) and i don't want to be too much of a pain, plus am battling some of those wonderful "joys of womanhood" that come with a bright full moon....UGH!! This is something i really need to stop procrastinating about. I'll let you know how that you know I am the Queen of Procrastination! I'm so glad that gene has seemed to skip a generation. So today i get to catch up on the email (still on dial-up time out because of the broadband quota being blown by my miss kelsi visit) so if you don't see alot of graphics or know why.

Probably a good thing, as it's so frustrating to be on the computer...i HAVE to turn my attention to my suzi homemaker duties!

ok, maybe just a short trip to see baby bree on sunday...I CAN'T STAND ITTTTTT!!! :-)


Keep my little prayer-buds in your prayers...PLEASE! 2 more angels have earned their wings in the carepages...and Little Bennie who SHOULD be home, has made an unscheduled trip back to Childrens in LA...with some sort of virus, which can be devistating when a child is undergoing chemo.

I bulletn'd some interesting facts about pediatric cancer this week. If it hasn't touched you, will. ..and of all the major childhood killers, it receives the LEAST amount of research money even though it kills the MOST children! (more than asthma-cystic fibrosis and AIDS combined!)
look up name:

We need to think carefully about that when voting in the next Administration.

Meet my june babies!


Aubrey Jo June 7
Little Bill June 11
Molly Kate June 22

Molly Kate is EIGHT ON SUNDAY!!

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