Wednesday, June 11, 2008



Where do i start??

Little Bill and Ang are home for his bday...TODAY!! he's 21. He planned in advance this little vacation, but didn't tell i should be at work! As fate would have it, things changed quick and almost ALL my family got to meet unexpectedly! AND i got to take some time to spend with them!

Saturday morning, Gabe calls and describes the confusing body leakage going on at his house, and although i'm trying to remain calm and tell him to take Ally to the hospital, catch the doc making rounds, and get her checked KICKING KELSI'S BED!! (wake up!! we got to go NOW!!)

i KNOW her water has broken! I've been tired and stumbling around..and REALLY didn't want to make another trip to Spg...but we're suppose to be at pop's house, doing the monthly today...Larry is already there with the pickup, as he wants to bring home some bookshelves, etc.

OK, IM AWAKE NOW!! Still have to top off the tank ($$$80.00 friggin$$$$) and head down the road...bluetooth headset burning up, as i stove off frantic family members. Shauna has just landed in Germany (she's bagging around for a week, and then meeting fritz's family in Croatia for a brother wedding) and the last word from her was "Do NOT have a baby while I'm out of country!" (ally is due the end of the month...shauna will be back by the 22nd)

Did i mention that Springfield is 120 miles from my home town?? I would like to thank the State Patrol for being somewhere else while we flew up there!! We made it in about an hour! HAHAHAH!!

Gabe calls back via cell, they've finally been seen, and sure enough Ally's water has broken, baby is 100% effaced, and she's 3cm dialated!!

THREE WEEKS EARLY!! no preggo pics, no pre-natal spa camera in the bag...HERE SHE COMES!! (oh yes, i had forgotten MY camera TWICE!! so we had to stop in at Walmart, and buy a new one!! eek!!)

we recall everyone and tell them...IT'S A GO!! and 4 different sets of parents start a high speed chase to Cox South, Springfield Mo! This is going to be interesting!!

and it was...but i have to tell you, it was made so fabulous by the boys. By Ally and Gabes friends, co-college students, co-workers...THEY WERE SO CUTE!! and supportive! They made
numerous trips back and forth to the apartment, walk the dog...clean up the bed...pick up the leftovers of a hurried exit, recover THEIR camera...and then??

STARTED TAILGATING IN THE PARKING LOT! yep, we had all the men outside, enjoying cool refreshements, and chinese food/sandwiches ordered in!! They had everything going but a tv/stereo!!


The labor took from 6am...until almost 7pm, when Aubrey Jo made her big entrance!

At that time, everyone was smashed into a small hallway, and chuckling at the antics of the 'college boys' who were "calling the
labor and delivery" be pressing ears on the door separating us from the happy couple!


AT THE MOMENT she let out her first cry, there was an uproar of cheers in the hallway that would have made Albert Pujols proud. The doc reciprocated by slipping a brand new pair of footprints
under said the crowd something to ohh and ahhh over!

Many tears and happened so quickly and easily! AND a saturday??? HOW CONVENIENT!


Aubrey weighed in at 6#14 oz and was 19 3/4" long! She did have some scary moments with glucose and body well as some jaundice, but has stabled out and was released to come home YESTERDAY!!


so HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUBREY on 6/7...and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL, today, 6-11...molly will
follow the pack on 6/22 with her big NUMBER 8!!

(my june babies)


We are celebrating here with the pure joy of new life.....and the remembrance of the births of my big kids. LIFE IS GOOD!!

A new family is born:



Dawn said...

congrats she's beautiful.

WheresMyAngels said...

She is too cute! I still can't believe your ornery son has a baby!! Scary!! lol