Monday, March 17, 2008

spring break sucks

WANTED to be in LA for this spring break, but being the dutiful wife, listened to reason....and trust me, that won’t be happening again anytime soon! I can’t do Plan B, which is put my backyard back together, as it’s raining and cold. It needs to be repaired from last year’s work on the septic lines. Living in missouri means that now i have a back yard mostly consisting of rocks and patches of green. I’ll have to redo the whole thing, but that’s on hold for awhile longer until the rain stops and the weather warms.

Molly’s off of school for a week, which is no different from the last two months due to snow and flu....we’ll probably be in school thru august!

The sarge will go to KC on Tuesday to pick up Kelsi, who’s also out of school. College doesn’t get out until NEXT week (you think they could coordinate these things) so i’ll have him drop Molly and I in Springfield and visit gabe/ally in between their classes. I’m psyched about seeing them as i haven’t seen my little growing baby-bump in awhile. Aubrey Jo will be here the last of June and my vacation is already posted on the work calander.

I’m relatively sure that shauna will get time off, but doubt that she heads this way...her new and exciting life doesn’t really include us hillbillies anymore. *sigh* More depressing this time of year, as I went into labor with her on Palm Sunday Mass in 1981. As parents we work so hard to give them wings, and what do they do?? They go and FLY AWAY!! When a parent leaves ’being the center’ of a child’s world, and becomes ’an obligation’ it is just devistating. It is the nature of life, i suppose, but that doesn’t make it any easier to cope with.

Bill and Angela came home....and then went off camping IN THE COLD with bill’s big brother,josh and his wife and kids. Those goofy boys...nothing better in the whole wide world to them than a pot of stew over a campfire, a tent, and a babbling river or lake close by. It’s where they go to revitalize. It’s where they find their peace.

Not so with Molly Kate and the THERE’S two peas in a pod! They could live in the house 24/7. Just make sure there is ample radio wire and sponge bob dvd’s. They fight and laugh and prank each other. My role is the provider and the observer.

Molly still wears pull-ups at night. She is fully potty trained now, but both her and daddy
have routines that they do not vary from. One evening this last week, she paraded out nekked after her bath. Daddy hollers at her, ’PUT A DIAPER ON!!" She looks at him slyly, goes to the closet and gets a pull-up, pulls it onto her head like a stocking hat, drops her towel, shoots him the ’stink eye’ and marches her nekked self defiantly off to the bedroom!

This is why we call her the skunk. Down Syndrome does not mean does not mean slow.. not by any means or definition!

She has areas that are harder to develop, i.e. her speech, but she does NOT have any problems with wit, sarcasm, irony or humor. Just the opposite in fact, those gifts seem to be more enhanced.

She also stops on the way out now, to put on a ballcap before leaving the house... just like daddy. I fix her long hair up in french braids and ribbons and she pulls an old fishin’ cap on over them. There they go... her and him, ballcaps on and leaving to get on the school bus.

Molly is a fan of Mizzou sports, Nascar, Cardinals Baseball, and Chiefs Football. She is happiest when perched next to him in front of the television watchin a game. They don’t even have to go TO the games or races!! Ive TRIED!! (better view on television) Sometimes I think if daddy would learn how to cook and swaddle the big, ugly baby into a receiving blanket, then I would have no purpose at all here.

Molly has a part in the spring concert this month. She has to walk up to a mike and say ’GORILLA" We are currently working on that mountain of a task. She only speaks in the last syllables of a she says "rilla" She can say ’go’...but try as i may, i cannot get her to put the "go" and the "rilla" together! This is going to be interesting. I’ll make sure the camera batteries are fresh.

I was pretty amazed that she was even IN the spring concert! Rumor has it her new music teacher doesn’t like kids with special needs disrupting her teaching and doesn’t want aides attending her class. For some reason Molly refuses to go to music now. We’ll be addressing that at the IEP this year (only because i don’t trust myself to do it one on one) The fight for inclusion continues with each parent, with each child, in every school, everyday. We may have the law behind us, but getting it to happen is another thing altogether. The old ways seem to prevail in reality and since she can’t speak
for herself as to what SHOULD happen, she can only respond with rebellion. That is when the mommy goes to work.

Bless all my mommies! I know your battles and your worries with ’our kids’ and we fight together.

Spring Break. It feels like winter here, and I don’t get to go where I want to be. My friend Amy, is struggling, and that is where i need to be. I need to go take care of her house, her older children, and hold her hand while she walks with her youngest through chemotherapy. I want it more than I want anything in the world. I can’t make Mr. Logic understand that I cannot just sit here while my friend is in Cancer-terror. I have to get there. There will be my peace....doing something, anything to ease her mind.

Cancer sucks for all of us.


kids at camp starring bill (grey hoodie) and angela (blondie) big brother josh (cammo) and wife amber (stocking cap)

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3/16/08 Impromptu camp at Noblett

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