Saturday, March 22, 2008


Hi, my name is Eileen, and I am addicted to clutter.

It’s a problem that I have fought all my life. I have good ideas on how to deal with it, but rarely follow through.I have purchased numerous helps.... shelves, space bags, toy boxes, plastic bins, hanging shoe holders....and they themselves become part of the clutter.

I am currently picking up the train set and putting it away for awhile. It causes visitors to trip into the formal livingroom.

Neat thing about Molly. You just put it away for awhile
and in a few weeks, it’s all new and the COOLEST thing she owns...out it comes again! It’s going into a net-storage-thingy i bought years ago.....where I’m going to put it afterwards is beyond me. All my rooms are filled with clutter. They’re full of clutter too dear for me to toss.

I remember Dr Bowles’ nurse rolling with laughter when we took molly in for the 6 week newborn check. I spotted a booger and asked her for a piece of tape to save it on.....

she thought i was joking!! yea, THAT kind of precious clutter!

I married a clutter-guy. He has little tolerance for my addiction, yet his seems to go unnoticed...His stuff is IMPORTANT! It involves alot of radio wire, knobs, spare parts, antennas, coils, copper, switches, transformers and every part to every telephone we’ve ever owned dating back to the rotaries.

He also does genealogy, so HIS room is split into 2 halves...1/2 cluttered with radio parts, and the other half cluttered with paperwork, letters, black&white pictures of long since past relatives and headstones. (that’s PICTURES of headstones...not the actual ones.......yet) The divider of the room is the boy’s weight bench which patiently waits for them to come recover it.

Today is Holy Saturday, and I want to cleanse myself of the clutter....The clutter in the house, and the clutter in my mind. I’ve allowed my mind & spirit to join the ’bogged down’ status of clutter that has taken over my house. It seemed to just ooze into me, and now it’s comfortable there.

It’s not totally my fault. We’ve had a really, rough, ’stay inside’ type of winter. Just when we thought there may be a break in the abnormal amount of snowfall we received, the floods came.

It rained 8-10 inches here, in a matter of 2 days this week...something that hasn’t happened here since 1993. It poured constantly, and was grey and dismal....and we continued to be stuck in the house.

We watched as a rapid creek formed and stormed through the back woods, and began to turn into my own private lake. We watched the river rise to a dangerous level:


Now, Miss Molly has had NO PROBLEMS with this season. Her and her daddy could live indoors 24/7. They are both very self-entertaining.

Im currently looking at a waxy crayon mural that covers all of my sliding glass door. It didn’t windex off...this is a job for the mr.clean’s magic
eraser. I’m wondering if the eraser will turn the fat dog’s beautiful chocolate brown coat...back from it’s current shade of ’highlighter-yellow’. The good Lab that he is, patiently sat there until her task was completed.

Miss Molly LOVES the fact, she contributes to most of it. She is most happy when everything that is binned up, is set free! Run!! Run little toys!! Run all over the house!!

As I move from the sliding glass door, to the living room floor, she takes her cue to move to ’the entertainment room’ which sadly, in this house, is my master bedroom. The only ’entertainment’ in there anymore is a SPONGE BOB DVD!! *sniff*

She’s taking things apart in there twice as fast as I can get them cleaned up in here! She has a large collection of VHS tapes she keeps. They will stack about 3 foot high and 4 columns deep...but she likes them much better sprawled all over the floor and will step back to admire that chore, much like the floor-tile man would after completing his work.

We call that OT....she does know how to stack them back up again, but doesn’t do it until she can see the veins standing out on the temples of her frustrated mommy’s head. (I really need to throw all those tapes out)

The clutter that afflicts my home, also lives in my spirit this year. I feel like i should be doing something important with my life, yet can’t seem to figure out what that is. The first half of my life was spent keeping my head above water, raising the older children,juggling the multitude of sporting events that each HAD to be at... and putting out constant life-fires. Now? Now that there is no more drama....I’m totally lost.

I know that i am VERY grateful for the abundance of love and the financial ease that my wonderful husband has afforded me, but i feel like there is still a part of me that has yet to bloom.

I give great contemplation to this, worry that it is depression...pray about it, yet still feel useless and incomplete.

I don’t know if this is a mid-life crisis. I don’t know if it’s hormone induced. I DO know that my whole life feels like what my livingroom looks like.

And I know that something needs to change.

I’ll keep you posted.

This past week, bill and angela came to visit, camp, and love on the little sister.



Molly is still ate up with congestion, and I’m still dosing her with Mucinex and claritin, and praying that it does not turn into more. We’ve exhausted all the possiblities with the antibiotics this past month or two. I now have wet ones boxes set up all over the house, as they don’t make a kleenex big enough to deal with one of her double-barrelled sneezes...YUCK!

She is of good spirit though, and ran all the way from the back yard today to get to the toilet before ’setting one out’!! YAY MOLLY!! (I know, TMI....but hey...i waited SEVEN YEARS to share that story with yall, so sue me!! HA!)

Larry went to KC to get Kelsi to share spring break with us, and dropped me off at Springfield to visit with
Gabe and Allyson (and the growing Aubrey Jo)


but Gabe was just beginning the start of that awful flu, and we ended up just watching him snooze. Two trips to the doc (and $100.00) later, his fever has just broken.


No news from the district.

Amy’s Ben has started his chemotherapy. He’s dealing with all of the horrible side affects that come with it.

I’m designating Holy Saturday as the day
to give Fervent, Constant, Pleading Prayers that Bennie’s pain, as well as the host of other children that are dealing with the same eased,
and that their parent’s heartbreaks also be eased.

It’s hard to imagine the spring season among the flood waters, and the celebration of new life, when I know so many that are struggling to HAVE life.

But like the green grass and the bright sunshine that has erupted since the flood...I pray that these hearts will be mended, and these children will be granted the new life that is the Promise of this Holiest of Seasons.

I hope that all of you can take a moment and join me in this prayer. I know the power of collective prayer.

Easter Blessings to you all.

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