Friday, August 22, 2014

Lessons in Patience

I will never know EVERY reason why she does what she does, but paying for them gets expensive sometimes. This week, I have recovered from the loss of my laptop...ok, not a total loss as I have it wired together and added an external mouse now, (the keyboard mouse no longer works as well as the checkerboard of missing keys) 

And she's a 'hider'  Stuff goes missing around here, and with both the Sarge and I on the hunt, it may be a week before it's recovered. Random stuff. The remote, Zoey's flip flop, this week? one of the land line cordless phones, and end of year last school year? her BOOKBAG! It took us TWO weeks to find that one! She's a very good hider. Again....i cannot reason why. Well, I figured out the bookbag one. 

I do try to stay organized, not that you would ever guess it by walking into my house, but I really do. There are priorities, of course, like socks. I keep a small clothes hamper by my husband's side of the bed, hidden behind the dresser, for his dirty socks. I despise dirty socks. They are just gross. Over the years he has learned how NOT to 'donut' them (more touching on my part) and to toss them in that cute little bucket. On laundry day? I just dump the little bucket into the washer, solving all my sock-touching headaches.

This morning, washing whites is on the list of chores, and I grab the little bucket of dirty socks, dump them in the washer, and hear KER-PLUNK! 

Yep, there's that missing house phone. 

Now I'm adding rice to the shopping list, and i don't believe we've actually eaten any of the rice out of this bag....just used for drying out electronics! 

But she's pretty cute.

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