Monday, April 22, 2013


That's what I'm calling it....and I couldn't be more pleased. Still working out the details, and trying to learn how to be the thing I've always wanted to the first blog post is this.

How do you be a stay at home mom?

It seems easier right now, because molly is still in school. The alarm goes off and the hustle and bustle begins....but what happens next month? Ok, summer school. The alarm will go off earlier.

I'm finding my days at home are MUCH SHORTER than my days at work were. I've been off a week, and NOTHING is done!

How do you manage the work load? Do you have a daily schedule? Do you home school or have a learning schedule for the kiddos?

SAHMs...I need your input!!

Next week?

More input....Tell me about your horrible bosses! :-)

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