Monday, December 05, 2011

Help Queen Ashton

Hi, sorry it's taken me so long to get back to this. Ashlyn wow'd us all last 2007, when she was elected Homecoming Queen of her town of Hidden Valley. Her mom and I linked then, because Ashton had so many similarities to my Down Syndrome and Autism. Her mom, Leah is my go-t0-girl with questions about special little girls, like ours, her being a few years more down the road than me.

A few weeks ago, Ashton had to go to the ER because a cold had settled into her lungs...double pneumonia. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, she is not going to survive this bout. Her little lungs have just had too much work, are full, including a mass on them, and they have been sent 'home' with Hospice.

Home is the operative word here. Currently, all of their belongings are on a U-Haul truck, as mom was in the process of a move to Oklahoma. They are at Ashton's Aunts home, by the water, a favorite place of the family.

Mom's Christmas wish is to get her family together. They are trying to make it to Oklahoma, where Ashton can be reunited with her sibs, and have one last Christmas together.

If everyone I knew on FB, and who read this blog would donate just one dollar....we could at LEAST get them gas money.

Please help me bring a family home for Christmas. If you don't paypal, send me a check, and I will contribute it for you.

Lets make this a Merry Christmas for a very deserving young lady and her wonderful family.


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