Saturday, January 19, 2008

the rollercoaster of life

What a week!

No big upheavals, but i can't seem to get it together.
Like a post-holiday - pre-spring funk, everything is falling apart!

We're in the middle of a cold snap to boot, something southerners do NOT like! Cold here is somewhere between 35 and 45 degrees...and this morning it was FOUR!!

Got the pickup picked up from the had some weird fuel module out, and would just run out of gas spontaneously and periodically, even though BOTH tanks were full! Took them a week and a few hundred $$$ to diagnose THAT....

And yes, you've heard me whine about this since Christmas...the hi speed has been out for over a month now, and WILD BLUE is just NOW managing to find a technician to come to the house. At least he SAID he'd be here today...they've been saying that SINCE Christmas.

So we're snuggled in, today.

We had hoped to get to springfield and see my growing grandbaby, and give the kids a visit with Yeagar the wonder choc lab, whom i have temporary custody of...(he got too big for the apt...AND my house for that matter at a whopping NINETY POUNDS!) but Miss Molly has relapsed with the ear infection and congestion...and given the bitter cold outside and bad luck with vehicles, we thought it better to stay snuggled.

(on a side note, if you watch CNN today, you'll see Springfield! It's the home of the 7-11 clerk, who was being robbed...and took a broom to the robber! AAAhhhh yes, this is where i live, home of AMAZON WOMEN! hehehe YOU GO, GIRL!)

Yes, Molly AND daddy have both have been to the doctor this well as both dogs!! (i think the puppy appt cost more) Sarge (german shep) has sprained his ankle, and yeagar has a yeast infection in his big floppy ears...common with the choc labs. (ew)

So I'm just gonna hide.

I did get to take a longggggg luxurious weekend soak, and was just rinsing, when we ran out of water!! EEK! Add a well-man to the list of visiting repairman today...

"Vos es los" (sp?)...something mama always said....
"Such is life."

This unending marathon of work/school/marriage/home/health...with a dash of break-downs, a sprinkle of trips to the doctor for added sparkle!

I'm trying to be patient..and trying to keep my eye on the positive.. I mean really, there is NO WAY i can clean the bathrooms or do the dishes with no water, RIGHT?

I do keep a supply of bottled on hand for coffee/expresso...made all of molly's juice earlier, just finished making a Biscuits &gravy saturday morning breakfast, AND did get my hair all rinsed out, before the flow slowed to a ALL IS GOOD!

Another positive?? MOLLY IS POTTY TRAINED!! Now for you parents of typical children...i see those eyebrows raising...but those of us with kids like molly have discovered some things about our kids.

For one, they have really dull senses! I hate that adjective... but it's the only way to describe it.
Her favorite foods include foods that typically little ones would not chili, salsa, orange anything..etc...they like to FEEL the food and the tastebuds need extra stimulation!
They never cry out in pain, unless there is a broken bone! Having such a high pain tolerance is NOT a good thing, either...we NEVER know how serious an injury is!

Hence the potty training. If you can't feel the don't know you have to go!
As with all of her other achievements, this happened in ONE SECOND!
Last Friday night, we took her to the potty, for the millionth time...she resented it for the millionth time...
and then all of a sudden, the new sensations, the trips to the potty, all of it FELL INTO PLACE! and i saw the LIGHT COME ON in her eyes!

I knew the second i saw that look, that i could scratch 'pull-ups' off my shopping list. Something that's been ON my shopping list for SEVEN YEARS!! YAYYYYYYYY!! I think it will push us up into a new tax bracket!! YAYYYYYYY!

Sure enough, for the entire week (except when she succumbed to the sinus/ear infection) she has been running around here and at school, in big girl panties! I'm so proud of her!

Everyone is healthy, my new grandbaby has kicked his daddy in the face, and Gabe (daddy) has achieved a MOUNTAIN of accomplishments this week in his life. I am so proud of him!

Little Bill called with pre-tax-time panic in his of those rites of passage you hate to see your children move into, but on they go to learn all about the thrills of adulthood! He's still working hard, setting goals, and looking for property closer to mama! I'm so proud of him!

And as much repair as this week has brought us, we are healthy, we have the $$$ to pay for the repairs, the tahoe has one more payment and it's owned, and I'm still sticking to the diet, and have added a stepper to my possessions....
Now, to get it out of the box.

Hope yall are livin the life, and working hard. I'm SOOOO very much looking forward to a little vacation time, when i can travel and get to see some of you, and am anxiously awaiting SPRING!

Enjoy! and kiss the babies from aunty E!!


(prayers this week for elizabeth westberry...and the line
infections that are preventing her from moving to a
cancer free life!)

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