Sunday, February 15, 2015

Good Sunday Morning!!

Up and at it early today, even though Molly has a 4 day weekend for President's day....because there was a problem with the cats. There was a 20 pound bag of cat food in the mud porch, but they were all by the dish LOOKING at me, one sitting on the storage container. 

All were empty....which normally wouldn't be a huge problem, but we have our first snow storm moving in for the season. Yep, February 15, and we may get our first snow. (bummer)

So, i boogie out to walmart (was there yesterday stocking up, grrrr) to grab yet another bag of food. (who leaves an empty bag in the mud porch anyway? more irritating than up toilet seats)

Walmart's parking lot looks like the night before deer season's opening day. It's early Sunday morning (usually the best time to shop) but the OMG!! IT'S GONNA SNOW  crowd is out enforce. Had to laugh because i heard someone say, "0-12 inches" with laughter because the storm totals have changed daily. I'm sill hoping for the zero total.

I got out of there in a hurry, pulled up to the house, and miss molly was waiting for me in the picture window. I was happy that she opened the door for me, as i was doing the "as many bags as i can possibly handle" trip from the car to the house (yes, the mob mentality of snow prep got to me) 

Then? I noticed something ominous (cue "Jaws" music) She's not leaving the front door...she's waiting...waiting ....ohhhhhhh no. She's expecting a bag from McD's

Her love of McDonald's falls into the "weird" part of Autism. She no longer eats the beloved food (thank heavens) BUT, you had better be bringing it back with you if you go to town. We confirmed the phenomena at the bowling alley. She got a bowl of nachos, and carried it around like a prized possession, grinning big. She brought it home and displayed it on a pedestal, and i had to throw it out after she went to school, as she wasn't going to let it go willingly. No, she never ate one nacho. 

Beginning meltdown countdown in 5....4...3..

I wish she would understand that it was too early to buy a plain burger and a med fry. She doesn't get that. We don't meltdown often anymore, and although she CAN say the word "Donalds"  she never did, she leaves it up to detective mom to decipher. 

I had microwave fries so i fixed those up and she calmed down...but I'm still getting the 'stink eye' because it's sooooooo far from a satisfying 2nd choice. 

Trying to add a new banner. Bobbert is leukemia free and will be coming back to school in March!! YAY!! March marks his 1 year of NED since his relapse, and if they can make it clean for a whole year? Probably smooth sailing for the rest of their lives. 

But now, the kid's friend Kate Boone, young, newly married, not started a family yet..they've just got their degrees and are embarking on life, when melanoma crashed that party and changed life's course.

This is her blog, and she has a go fund me link on it. Go fund her. Cancer is expensive. and pray. She just finished her regimen of chemo. 

Cancer sux...

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